Friday, 14 October 2011

30 Sep -- Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany!

So we got a babysitter again on Friday and boarded a train in Garmisch at 9am.  At 10:30 we were in Munich.  Anna then changed into her dirndl

At the arch to enter the Oktoberfest area.


This is Anna's mom's dirndl from when she lived in Germany.  It is a bit less "provocative" than those currently worn, and as we walked to our tent, an octogenarian passed and admired Anna's outfit...of course she had on the same one and I regret not getting a picture of them together.  (Anna doesn't like this picture, but I think she looks cute eating her pretzel!)

 Standing by the Bavarian Statue.

 Our tent, considered a "medium sized" tent, sits 4,400 people!  Our reservation started at noon.

 Let the shenanigans begin!

 One of our friends establishes communication with a German girl at the table next to us.

Photon organized the table--danke! 

 All together now.

 Now for some locals.

 Anna started "Feats of Strength Competition" and kicked some butt.

 Not sure if this is cheating or just awkward.


 Good thing we worked out before this trip.

Anna's game was catching on. 

 Big ups to Munich.

 We walked out at 3:30pm--kind of strange to walk out "slightly inebriated" at 3:30!  Something like a Penn State tailgate.

 Thank God we made it out of there alive!

 Anna probably doesn't like this picture, but I think she looks sweet.

Back in Garmisch at 6pm!

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Anna said...

I think it's not so much "sweet" in the picture of me on the train as "intoxicated" :P ~Anna