Monday, 24 October 2011

1 Oct -- Eibsee, Garmisch, Germany (Last Day!)

On our last full day in Garmisch, we walked around Eibsee, a lake just a couple minutes west of Garmisch.  It was a great walk, and Anna was psyched that we could make it all the way around with our munchkins.

Henry was off to the races! 

 Charlie cannot resist striking a pose.

 So serene--even with our rug rats running around.

 Charlie's eyes say "ENERGY!"

There were some grateful ducks... 

 ...and some tall trees.

 Of course we ate lunch there and had to tie Henry to the bench, which he did not like at first.

 Jane's sees a raccoon eyeing her juice box.

You could almost hear John Denver music in the distance. 

 Charlie made friends with a stick...

 ...and Jane battled the voices from the camera case.

 Almost done with our 5 mile jaunt around the lake.

Jane's shirt is true.

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Anna said...

So much fun! And your weather is gorgeous! It is already super dreary here....