Friday, 14 October 2011

28 Sep -- Partnach Gorge, Germany

The first full day in Garmisch we ditched the kids (got a babysitter for half the day and went to the Partnach Gorge.  We got back to the apartment after lunch.  In the afternoon we went for a bike ride around Garmisch.  Such a beautiful day.

Can you tell we are psyched to explore without kids? 

 The gorge was huge.

This is just outside the gorge.  We then turned around and walked back thru the gorge. 

The rushing water was super loud. 

 I think we would have lost at least a couple kids had we brought them.

 Sandwiches!  Enjoy each kids unique face in this pic.
Charlie--just bit his tongue.
Henry--happy to have a bite of a roll.
Jane--sees an alien invasion above my head.

Will there be drinks on this ride?

 Not a bad place to bike...

 ...unless a cow gets in your way!  Charlie showed no fear (or little awareness) and rode his back in the grass right passed the cow.


Charlie is quite the little biker.

Anna's pretty good at it, too.

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