Friday, 14 October 2011

29 Sep -- Wankbahn/Playground/Alpine Slides, Garmish, Germany

In the morning, we rode our bikes from the apartment to the base of one of the mountains.  Then we rode the cable car (Wankbahn) up to the top of Wank.  At the top we ate lunch, explored, then went back to the bottom and rode our bikes home.  In the afternoon we walked to a playground and had a great time.

Let's go!

 The ride in the cable car was fun.

 Anna showed me how she felt inside when she looked at the ground.

 Quite the view.

Henry has got some sweet eyes.

Anna hides her inner feelings.

 Janie takes a picture.

 Not a bad place for lunch!  Not a cloud in the sky!

Charlie and Jane scare away the Austrian hiker about to steal our camera.


 Jane wanted a better view.

 Garmisch in the background below.

 Too sweet.


 The park in the afternoon was fun.

 Jane showing off her red hair.

 Our mini-Brawny man.

 The Alpine slides were a blast.  They went pretty fast.

 Once you got to the top, the cart didn't ride on rails--it just rode on wheels in a half-pipe...crazy!

 Good times.

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