Sunday, 5 June 2011

5 Jun -- Meerfeld Lake and Manderscheid Castle, Germany

We continued with our outdoor adventures today.  We went to Meerfeld lake to ride bikes and eat lunch.  Then we drove to Manderscheid and hiked from the town center to the two castles and back...and then had ice cream!

 As you can see...our trip started out as per usual.  I can never remember what this sign means.

 Hello green.

 Today Henry rode with me and I had to ride a bit more responsibly...

 ...but not too responsibly!

 Seat's taken!

 On to Niedermanderscheid Castle.

 Strike a pose!

 Charlie is beginning to show some wear.

 But Charlie bounced back later.

It's about time to buy a wide angle lense.

Charlie uses the terrain to his advantage.

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Lauren said...

Love seeing the pictures. I just want to smoosh all those babies. :)