Sunday, 19 June 2011

15 Jun -- Gibraltar; Spain Day 4

 We rode a cable car to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.  Anna did not care for the ride all that much.

Jane and I enjoyed it, though. 

 There were low lying clouds around the peninsula that made everything look cool.

All together now.

Charlie looks towards Morocco.

 Anna gives an ape the evil eye.

 Towards the southern tip of the rock, there was a cool set of caves with seats and a stage for performances--they would not let us do our improv act.

 Usually we have a shot of Anna breastfeeding in unusual places--the ape in the background beat her to it.

 Charlie is clearly not impressed by this taxi-cab driver's act.

 Jane does her point-with-one-eye-squinting as she talks about a sign in the distance.

 Anna does her best positive thinking as we descend.

I was pretty psyched that our rental was neither towed nor booted!

 We then went to a Moorish Castle on the North side of the peninsula.  It was pretty cool.

 While the light looks hot on camera, it hypnotized Jane and she touched it, burning two of her fingers.

There is a runway in Gibraltar that runs East-West and juts out into the Atlantic Ocean in the West and Mediterranean Sea in the East...

 ...and you drive across across as you enter and exit Gibraltar.

 Jane showing off her Moorish wounds.

We had an issue with our washer and this is the guy they sent.

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