Sunday, 19 June 2011

16 Jun -- Malaga & Pool; Spain Day 5

On the fifth day, we made a day trip to the city of Malaga.

 Jane entertained Henry with "This Little Piggy..."  By the end of it, Henry had around 55 little piggies.

 The city had a good amount of trees.


There was a Roman Theater.  We then went to the palace in the background.

 We saw our shadows.

 The palace had a bunch of trees inside.

 The coolest part was the water flowed down the walkways to water the flowers.

 Quick stop for a lunch inside the palace.

 There was one of those "I'm still like a statue" guys who whistled like a bird if you put some money in his hat.

Anna's car missed her so it drove itself all the way to Spain.  "We could have drove here" it seemed to say. 

 In the afternoon we went to the pool.

 Jane getting better with her floating.

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Amanda Evans said...

I am loving all your Spain pics! I really love the silly jumping shots, LOL! You guys are doing a great job seeing all of Europe while you are there, SWEET! You know I am green with envy:-). I've been meaning to ask you, are you using AFVClub to get places to stay? Are they nice places? We have used them for Orlando and Hawaii and it rocks! You'll have to tell me the good places in Spain. I'm still trying to talk Brian into hopping to Spain ;-)