Sunday, 19 June 2011

14 Jun -- Beach & Pool, Spain Day 3

Another beautiful day at the beach.

A bit like a "Family Circus" cartoon. 

 A bit camera shy for once.

Charlie and Henry spot a topless sun-bather. 

We bought a beach umbrella for some extra shade.  We were able to sneak it back on Ryan Air in our folded up stroller.

 Henry is off to make more footprints in the sand.

 Who backwashed in my drink!

 Working with Charlie on his futbol skills.

We ran out of food so Henry improvised. 

 Jane does her best Arial pose.

 There was a small play area...and I mean really small, but it worked.

Gotta love some ice cream on a hot day--or any day for that matter.  Our apartment patio is behind the green potted plants to the left of Charlie's head.

The kids (minus Henry) got pretty comfortable in the pool as time went on.

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