Sunday, 24 April 2011

24 Apr -- Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Below are a ton of pics from our day because we couldn't narrow them down.  Enjoy!

 The Easter Bunny visited our house.

 Henry was hungry this morning.

 He ended up with a Cheerio mustache.

 ...and another one...

 We had a delicious lunch.

 Henry couldn't get enough.

Hi.  I have teeth.

Frosting is so yummy.

Onto the Easter egg hunt.

No eggs in there!

We bought the Willy Wonka "Hard to Find" eggs and they weren't kidding.

 Must find more eggs!

Jane takes a spill, but doesn't let it get in the way of her mission.

Breakin' open the loot

Jane loved the SweetTarts...

 ...but wasn't interested in sharing at first.

Mama sweetened her up, though.

The kids took a turn hiding eggs and letting Anna and me hunt.

Jane spinning.

Preparing for the wheelbarrow race. 

 Never give up!

Time for a summer 'do.

Doesn't the haircut make "Henry" look so much older.  He almost looks 5!

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