Friday, 8 April 2011

20 Mar -- Last half of March

We've enjoyed a lot of beautiful spring weather the past few weeks.  The kids have loved spending time in the backyard, playing in the sandbox, chalking on the patio and chasing each other around.  We've been watching a friend's dog for a few months and it has been a pure joy to watch how the kids just love on Bailee.  I don't think we're ready to have a dog of our own just yet, but it was unbelievably tempting after having sweet Bailee dog in our house.  Charlie and Jane and Henry all developed a special friendship with her and it touched my heart to watch them play with her.  We were so blessed to have her for a visit.

Henry tempts every tile floor with his daring risks and climbing.  He's knocked his noggin more times than Charlie and Jane combined and bounces back so well. 

Perfecting his wink ;P

We'll never question which kid is Henry's pictures thanks to that mouth full of teeth.

Don't ask why Jane has a sticker on her forehead.  We took 11 pictures and this was the best.

Henry and Bailee play tug of war with her rope.

The kids and Bailee dog all loved the bubble machine.  They all ate their share of soap that day.

Charlie and Bailee playing some tug of war.

Jane hid inside the net and kept saying, "Help me, help me" waiting for someone to rescue her

Markers left with the caps off are not safe in this house anymore

Jane's freckles!

Too funny not to post!

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