Saturday, 16 April 2011

16 Apr -- Fort Thungen and Place de Jeux, Luxembourg

I, Dan, took Charlie and Jane to Luxembourg for a day trip.  Anna stayed home with Henry to relax.  It was a beautiful day and I think we will be going back again.

Above is Fort Thungen, which now houses the Luxembourg Art Museum...we didn't go inside.

Luckily for us they had a ton of walls we could climb around with some tunnels and stairs.  We ate out lunch here.

We then went to a park in Luxembourg called "Place de Jeux."  It came highly recommended by one of our friends and we quickly saw why.  There was a pirate ship...

 ...lots of ropes to walk across...


 ...and probably best of all--water!

 The water section alone could have kept the kids busy for hours.  We ended up staying at the park for 2 hours.

 You could make a dam and then lift up the barrier to let the water rush thru.

 Jane loved the water!

 She was hard capture at times.

 No time to waste!

 Jane got quite wet, all on purpose.

Obligatory, and delicious, ice cream!

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