Saturday, 4 September 2010

4 Sep -- La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium

We drove to Belgium today to see the castle ruins of La Roche en Ardenne.  It was about a 1 hour 30 minute drive.

We had a few minutes before the doors open so it was time to carbo-load.
The grounds were really nice.

"Man, castles make me EXCITED!"

There was a great view from the top.

"Apple apple...cookie cookie..."

We had our hands full.

In the basement.

EVERYBODY together now!


The town was super nice...and they had doner kebabs!

Nothing beats throwing rocks on a nice day.

The castle ruins we saw are in the top left of the background.

My turn!

We...okay...Dan drew a Belgian flag on his headwrap.

Onto the calisthenics...

We admit...this one is simply ridiculous.  Anna just said, "Are you ready?"  I am glad I was.

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