Thursday, 2 September 2010

2 Sep -- Henry Update

We went to Wurzburg on Sunday August 19th for Henry's surgery.  This was our third attempt after having the original surgery date of August 16th.  But it all worked out well in the end.

Henry in his new home for the next 9 days.
During the surgery we were told by the surgeon that we should get out and see Wurzburg or "the roof will cave in" if you wait here as the German saying goes.  It was raining a little while we walked around so Anna dried off... too.
Henry after the surgery, all plugged in.

But he would still "hold" our hands as he slept.

The day after the surgery they let us hold him.

"He carries the light."  The Road.  Great book Luke, just probably not the best time to read such a heavy story.

He got a little swollen the next day.

A little less puffy.

We spent most of the 9 days walking up and down the hall.  By carrying him upright, the swelling in the his head never got too bad.

He hasn't lost his goofy face.

After a couple days they would let us walk outside for 30 minutes.

True love.

So sweet!

So literally sweet...

And giving him some chocolate was the key to getting the head dressing off.

So cute!

"And you think THIS hurts!?"

They do the zig-zag cut so the hair will lay naturally and cover the scar.

First solid meal.  He also got his first tooth in!

Snuggly soft.  You can almost make this 20lb butterball look small if you squeeze him enough!

Second from the left is the doctor who did the surgery.  Very nice man.

This headband is for "Rudy" Hext who started a small headband craze in Kandahar before I left.


Summer Hard Feet said...

Dear been through a lot family,
I have been checking your blog (many, many, many times a day) Your post today is an answer to prayers. The pictures are wonderful and tell a story of long days and nights for you.
Kathryn's mom (Germany)
Laura Loyborg

Helen said...

Thrilled to see that you are all doing ok and Henry has been such a trooper. Mind blowing really. Smiles from the States.

Alli's Keeper said...

So happy to see he is doing well! What an unbelievable year you've had. Hope he continues to heal and do well! I think my whole family blog-follows you!

Amanda Evans said...

Wow, now that's a scar! Way to go Henry for being so tough!!!