Sunday, 26 September 2010

18 Sep -- Caerlaverlock, Craignethan, Stirling and Elcho Castles...Scotland Day 1

After driving to just south of the Sottish border, we woke up and drove north to one of our favorite castles of the trip, Caerlaverlock Castle. 

Castle #1 Caerlaverlock Castle.  Sweet moat.


 This was the usual--we had the castle to ourselves...except for Stirling Castle.

 Henry blended right in with the flag on his head wrap.
 Castle #2: We continued north onto Craignethan Castle.  Craignethan Castle was cool because it was divided into three distinct sections.

 Charlie reenacts the crazy stuff that went on this basement.

 He let his imagination get the best of him.

 I helped Jane's imagination a bit.

 So cute.

 Henry spent most of the days in a carrier, kept warm a by a custom knit hat from a friend and Anna's fleece.

 Castle #3: Stirling Castle.  It was very impressive as we drove up to it.

 The view from the top was awesome.  We feel the castle didn't really have to much to offer our family other than the view, one large main hall, and ice cream.

 Jane isn't camera shy...

 ...while Charlie prefers to dash.

 Castle #4: Elcho Caslte.

 Nice quiet area.

The drive to the north to our lodge was breathtaking.

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