Monday, 27 September 2010

19 Sep -- Elgin Abbey, Spynie Castle, Balvenie Casle, Scotland

Day 2 in Scotland and not a moment to lose.

Elgin Abbey.

I asked Charlie to give me a kiss and this is what I got.  Love it.

Why buy water when it rains?

 Spynie Castle was a couple miles from Elgin Abbey and well worth the stop.

 Charlie loved picking flowers and handing them to Anna and me.

 Jane's expression here looks like a teenager.

 Charlie and Jane do battle.

 Third stop of the day...Balvenie Castle.

 Time to dry off...

 ...and jump for joy.

 On the way back to our place, we stopped for a roadside pic...

...and then some.

Back at the lodge we had time for a game or two.

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