Sunday, 4 April 2010

4 Apr -- Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

On Sunday we went to the Keukenhof Gardens.  It rained again but the kids didn't seem to care.

Holy flowers!

Nothing like a little hide and seek to keep the kids in a good mood.

With this 'formation' it looks like we have at least 4 kids, maybe 5, which tends to freak people of Europe out!

So this 'lily pad' thing in the water looked harmless enough.

All aboard!

Maybe 1 dad plus 2 kids is not a good idea: abort!

So...I went back out with just Charlie and almost lost him!  Luckily Anna was ready with the camera!

A zoomed in shot of the last photo.  Crazy!

His leg was a 'bit' wet.

Charlie and Jane doing their 'old folks' impression again.

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Amanda Evans said...

I just can't get over how much y'all have traveled since being in Germany (what, like 8 months only?). Especially only weeks after having a baby! You guys ROCK!!!