Sunday, 11 April 2010

10 Apr -- Berlin, Germany, Day 2

On Saturday we rode the subway to the Zoo.  We ate breakfast at the Dunkin Donuts outside the gates to the Zoo...a complete coinidence, I swear!

Sportin' the baby carrier.

Charlie showing off his climbing skills.

Jane needs a better view.

Look out below!

They had some serious slides at the zoo...and animals, too.

This thing went as fast as you wanted which got dangerous in a hurry.

See--an animal at the zoo.

After the zoo, we walked along the Tiergarten, or Berlin's cental city park.  It was so nice because the kids slept the entire way.

We walked by the "Victory Column," which is in the center of the park.

It had rained so I needed to dry out a bit.

Brandenburg Gate in the background and old Russian tanks from WWII on the left.  The Russians built a war memorial right downtown within a couple months of the end of the war.

The Reichstag--Germany's lower house.

After it started to rain and HAIL, we looked for a kid friendly indoor place.  We went with the Technology Museum.  Here is Charlie giving his best pirate impersonation... is Jane's...

...and mine.

They had a wooden train you could push.

It was not easy.

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