Wednesday, 14 April 2010

14 April -- Henry's Update

Henry is almost 2 months old and it's flown by.  He's changing so much and spending more time awake (and crying!) and less time snoozing.  Charlie and Jane are being very sweet with him and Charlie asked tonight if Henry could sleep with him in his room.  I'm sure 9-10 months from now when he's swiping all their toys and knocking down their block towers that their opinions of him may shift, but in general he's made a fantastic addition to the family and I think we'll keep him around a little longer. 

He likes when Daddy makes him talk and dance and spar.  Tummy time is pleasant and calm, unlike his siblings and he zonks out when I carry him in the baby carrier.  He's getting chunky, but we'll have to wait until next week's weigh in to find out how much he's gained.  We are squeezing him into the last of the 3 month clothes and he's looking good in his 6 month outfits nowadays.  That itty bitty stage just goes by too quickly, especially when you start out at 10+ lbs!

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dana and eric said...

hi anna,
got your announcement and loved it!! i can totally relate to the big baby...adelaide was 10lb. 8 oz. she never got to wear the newborn clothes and is currently 14 months and in 18-24 months clothes:) love reading about your family updates. i also let my grandma know about the new addition:)