Tuesday, 20 April 2010

20 Apr -- The Stats

Jane had her 2 year well-baby appointment yesterday and Henry had his 2 month well-baby today.  They both did well and Jane took her shot like a champ.  It's nice to have her done with shots for 2 years.  She's speaking, but the doctor wants us to work on getting her to speak a little more clearly (we understand her more than strangers do) and wants us to enunciate our words when talking to her.  She started going to a part day enrichment program twice a week from 9-noon and I think she's going to love the setting and friends and teachers. 

Of course, Henry was not so lucky and received 3 shots and an oral vaccine.  He did pretty well, too, although he is a little fussier today than usual.  I am wearing him in our Moby wrap, though, and that seems to do the trick.  It reminds me of being pregnant, with the large advantage of being able to remove "the belly" whenever I need to.  They are sending us to the German hospital to have an ultrasound of his head.  He has a pronounced ridge along the top of his head and the doctor wants to make sure that his fontanels aren't fusing too early.  I'm trying not to worry about it yet, but I am glad that they are being careful and checking into it.  I'll let you know when we find out what the verdict is.   

So here we are:

Jane at 2 years
    Weight - 30.7lbs
    Height - 35 inches

Henry at 2 months
    Weight - 14.5lbs
    Length - 24.5 inches

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Lauren said...

Ahh! Love the moby! And I hope Henry's noggin checks out okay! Please let me know! And - he looks just like Charlie. And - Jane weighs more than Carter....teach me your secrets before Carter wastes away in 25lb neverland forever!! AHhhh!
Oh, I know, maybe it's the Reddi-whip! I'll buy some today!