Sunday, 6 December 2009

6 Dec -- Grace

Anyone else's 3 year old throw nightly tantrums about saying grace? Charlie's been refusing to wash his hands before we eat, so he's not allowed at the table until he does. We usually let him say grace and that had been enticement enough to get him through the handwashing routine. But lately he still refuses and when we go ahead and say grace without him, he flips out that he was not allowed to say it. If it wasn't so frustrating, I know this would be laughable. But, honestly, who knew grace could be so controversial?!


Lauren said...

At least he WANTS to say it. When we say the blessng Carter says, "Praying hurst my ears! Ow! I don't like to talk to Jesus."
I think he might need an exorcism....?

The PortaJahns said...

Anna, Lauren, both are hilarious! I love hearing our niece and nephews say grace...they definitely must all have their shot at praying and it is precious the things they say. Right now there isn't any fighting over doing it, but we'll see what the future brings!