Monday, 21 December 2009

21 Dec -- A "Slip" Up

I have to confess to something that I never thought I'd do. A week or so ago, I had to run some errands at the BX and I packed up the kids after naptime and drove over to the store and started checking off of my shopping list. I got about halfway through the BX when I thought I felt something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I looked down and realized that I was wearing my slippers! Needless to say I was fairly horrified (it's a wonder I remembered to take the curlers out of my hair before I left home). I double checked to make sure I did in fact remember to take my robe off and then I made a break for the exit. The errands could wait until I was in a clearer frame of mind.


Anna said...

Your slippers look better than my best shoes. Your robe is probably nicer than my finest frock, so I say shop, sister, shop!

Strommer Family said...

They look just fine...I'm picturing huge big fluffy ones but nobody would've known unless they saw you making a mad dash for the door!! ;)

cindy said...

I was thinking you were wearing big fluffy slippers or bunny slippers. You can go anywhere in yours!!

Cheryl said...

I just blogged a month ago about how I had walked around for half of the day with my pants on backwards. I expressed how much I needed sleep :0

Your post made me laugh...oh how I can relate!

With love and hope,