Sunday, 27 December 2009

27 Dec -- Targets and Walmarts and Linens and Things, oh my!

So there's not a lot that I miss about America. I know we won't be overseas forever and that it'll always be there, waiting for us. But this season I miss the shopping. Here we have the military BX (department store-ish attempt). They try really hard, but it's just not the same as a Target or Kohls or Old Navy.

We also are lucky to have the internet for shopping now. When I lived here as a kid all we had was the JC Penney Catalog to shop from. Needless to say most kids showed up at school here wearing the same outfit as at least 3 or 4 other kids due to the lack of options (you military brats know what I'm talkin' about!).

But what I wouldn't give to walk into a Target right now. I have to admit when I got home this past summer from Korea and walked into a Target, I was overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of choices. I mean, how many types of blue shirts can one store sell?! And everything from toothpaste selections to wallets, you have so many options that it made me want to run back to the safety of the BX/PX limited choices.

But during the holiday season, I feel like I'm missing that sense of wonder and excess. Take towels, for instance. I need some new towels for our upcoming guests that I anticipate to be rolling in any day now...any day...just waiting... We drove up to the Ramstein (big big air base here in Germany) mall yesterday (gasp! how grand!) and I was positive I'd find what I needed there. I found only one brand that carried the black towels I was looking for, but the hand towels were out of stock. There were no grey towels to be found, though. I'm pretty sure if I went to Linens and Things that they'd have not only black and grey towels, but black and grey towels of varying quality so I could go cheap for my guests or luxurious for Dan and I (uhhh, I mean, strike that, reverse it.)

I know I can jump on the ol' computer and order up a set of towels from Target's website ($29.99 with free shipping), but you miss that instant gratification. That thrill of the "buy". That feeling when you come home and take the purchase out of it's bag and run your hands over it with a sense of satisfaction. There's something to be said for getting that "yellow slip" in your mailbox telling you that you have a package to pick up, but you can only order so many things before your husband puts a freeze on your credit card.


Lauren said...

Yeah, the shopping has been fantastic! You're able to have your good attitude about not being in America because you grew up with it I think. Where the rest of us...and always ready to scurry back to state lines!
While I love the idea of living in Eurpoe...I think I love choices more... :)

Olive Tree said...

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Dene' said...

This hits home on so many levels! For one, looking through your blog is like looking through our own photo albums! It's almost a little strange seeing you guys in ALL of the places we went! Then Doug lived the Brat life too, and has often mentioned how GREAT the Sears catalog was but that everyone else had the same outfit! Too funny! And thridly, yes, too many yellow slips, and the hubby starts mentioning that you just SHOULDN'T spent any more money! :) Loving the blog! Keep it up! :)