Tuesday, 10 November 2009

10 Nov -- More Updates, No Pictures

This past weekend I had a babysitter come so I could do some grocery shopping without kids in tow. It was so nice and I forget about how quickly things get done when you aren't toting along any toddlers. In the two hours I was gone, I browsed the BX, did some major grocery shopping, bought gas (which is beyond a pain over here) and ate lunch at a German McDonalds (Site of a recent major meltdown. I'm actually surprised they didn't have my picture up with a notice not to allow me on the premises).

Then Sunday we headed to the library where I like to run up and down the aisle grabbing books that look good based on their spines. I can't even stop to "judge a book by it's cover. They place the aisles so close together that both sides are within easy reach of a child on your back in a baby carrier. It's as if they like watching your head explode as your child pulls every book off the shelves in their reach. And as you're frantically bent over picking up the books they just dropped, they are reaching for the lower shelves now accessible to them. Charlie managed to grab 2 more Curious George books for his selected reading before we bolted just as Jane started to lose it.

Today Charlie went to the CDC (daycare) on base for the day. I picked him up about the time they were getting ready to head outside to play. He immediately informed me that I was to leave and come back only after they had been outside. This from the kid who gave me nothing but grief for 8 months about going to the daycare before this. Thankfully, while I was getting ready to do just that and give myself a little more "Me" time, he changed his mind and ran to me with tears asking me not to leave him. It's good to know I haven't lost the magic touch.

Also, does anyone know how to get rid of weasels? We apparently had them living in the hood of our new car, which we now park in the garage. And last night while I was upstairs helping Charlie with his covers around midnight, I heard the distinct scampering of fairly heavy feet on our roof (which is sloped very low to the ground). Thoughts on this strange situation would be appreciated.

I'll try to get pictures up soon. It's really not stopped raining for the last 2 weeks or so long enough to get any decent ones of the kids outdoors.

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Nicole said...

Oohhhh... the weasels.... Those are horrid. You'll have to get this little contraption that you put in the hood of your car. It makes a high-pitched noise that only the animals can hear and stops them from going into the engine block and eating your starter wires. Seriously, that is their mission in life. I think we got our little noise machine at Kramer's (car repair).

Great posts and outdoor photos, btw! :)