Sunday, 22 March 2009

22 Mar -- Weekend Activities

We're having a nice weekend so far. Yesterday we tried to go to Everland because the weather was just gorgeous, but apparently 3.5 million other people had a similar idea and we gave up after we were sent to a faraway parking lot that was already full. So we drove home and ended up playing at the playground instead.

Today we went to a friend's birthday party. Charlie had a blast and loved bowling. He also dug the ice cream cake they served. Tonight we're headed to a friend's house for dinner. It'll be nice to have adult conversations during mealtime.

Her feet were just too cute not to photograph

Charlie was playing "grocery shopping" and when I came out of his room after he walked his shopping cart out, I found that he'd unloaded it just like Mom and Dad do onto the counter

Everland trip

Our walk home from the bowling alley took a while because Charlie loves walking on the grassy hills next to the sidewalk

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