Thursday, 12 March 2009

12 Mar -- Blue Hands and Sick Kids

So I looked down at my hand the other day and it was blue! They felt a little cold, but nothing unusual. My Dad has a similar problem with his hands, so while they were shocking to look at on myself, I've seen worse on his! I was concerned so I dragged the kids in our socks down to ask my friend, Lauren, what her diagnosis was. She immediately did the Mom 409 and spit on her finger and scrubbed my hand. I hadn't even thought of that! Jane and I were both wearing new jeans. So I trekked back up to my house and washed my hands revealing the scary, but more normal pasty white skin.

Both kids have had fevers for the last few days. Charlie's in his room crying currently because he can't sleep and he's coughing and gagging. We've got back to back doctor's appointments tomorrow for them. Ah, good times. Pray for a quiet night for us.

My blue hands

Charlie likes feeding Jane..."One for you, one for me" style

Jane loves pushing her baby stroller around
She gets into a lot these days. We're watching a friend's dog and I've got to be more careful about Arlo's food bowls. Whoops!

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Lauren said...

I still say those hands would've freaked me out to.