Wednesday, 18 March 2009

18 Mar -- Charlie's Drawing

This is a picture that Charlie drew of a car. I was pretty impressed with his art skills and I think you should be as well.

Also, I found this piece of furniture at the thrift shop dumpster and brought it home to fix up. It's nothing grand, but I thought it was pretty cool and since we have bought nothing like this from Korea, it'll be a nice thing to represent our time here (and store our off-season gloves and scarves...)

The circle in the center is a window, I believe. The two dashes next to the circle are eyes and the horizontal slash is a smile, if I translate correctly.

The water bottle is holding the hardware down until the glue is dry


Lauren said...

I am super impressed! What an artist!

Anna said...

I can totally see you wrestling this thing onto your stroller and trucking it home. I just have one question: does Dan know about this yet?

Will and Meg said...

yes charlie is very talented! and i really like the chest!

Lil Lancaster Fam said...

the chest looks great. And I am way impressed with the artwork!