Sunday, 5 October 2008

5 Oct -- Everland and Jane's First Cereal

So Dan had off the other day and of course we hit our favorite Korean spot, Everland. Charlie actually rode rides this time and while he had a little trouble getting onto the rides, once they got going there was no stopping his excitement. Anna visited a bathroom there that had her excited as well. Check out the pics below of this family friendly public bathroom that should become the mandatory layout of all public restrooms (China, take note!). I love the little hanging seat for kids from ages 6 mos-2 1/2 years (although I can't imagine putting Charlie in that thing).
This weekend we finally decided that Jane was ready for solids. We started with good old rice cereal and it was a big hit. She's definitely feeling the food-love and I don't think we'll have any issues branching out to new flavors.
Lovin' the side by side

Jane's perfectly shaped nostrils

Dan being funny

Oh, how she loves the jumperoo

The not so benign tulip cup ride

Anna's style amusement park ride

I swear he enjoyed this ride...once we got him strapped into it

Charlie's gripping the handles pretty tightly here

First they come up with a place to set your purse and now a place to set your baby!

They have a mobile...shoot, we don't even have a mobile!

Bathroom sinks short enough for kids...and Anna's Mom

The thrilling train ride at Everland

Dan takes aim, and scores!

Anna making a yummy sound...

Mmmm, Delish!

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