Thursday, 23 October 2008

23 Oct -- Jane's Six Month Stats

Happy Half-Year, Janie! Well her well-baby appt isn't for another few weeks, but we were able to get her stats at the local WIC office and she's definitely in the heavy-weight category (although she still can't compete with Charlie's chunkiness!)

Weight - 19 lbs 0 oz (she did have on her onesie and diaper)
Length - 26 3/4"

We've started some cereal and carrots and she's tried avocado and banana. So far we're liking it all. Other milestones is she's rolling over both ways, sitting up fairly steadily and chatting up a storm (although who knows what she's trying to say). Her necklace is an amber teething necklace. Supposedly amber has healing properties that release analgesic oils that are absorbed by the skin and reduce teething pain. Now if we could just get those teeth try it out! For now it is purely a fashion statement. Don't stress, each bead is individually knotted to prevent a choking hazard.


Lauren said...

She has the same sparkle in her eyes that Charlie does when he's excited. I love it!

Unknown said...

I just realized that I have the same necklace. No one told me about the analgesic benefits, hope they are good for other things besides teething. Even in my advanced years I have all my own!