Saturday, 11 October 2008

12 Oct -- Jane Sitting, Osan Air Show and "We Are! Penn State!"

This week was full of fun stuff. First off, Jane now sits up, froggy-style. She is loving this point of view and I think she's going to get good at the sitting up thing really quickly. She's soooooo happy, I'm enjoying every minute of this 6 month old bliss (as I recall this was the age Charlie was when I started to think a second kid was a great idea!)

The Osan Air Show is this weekend and we went yesterday to watch the A-10, F-16 and helicopter Search and Rescue demonstration. Dan flew in this last year and it was fun to have him beside me this time around. Dan held Charlie because he was not digging the loud planes flying around. We will definitely be investing in a good pair of ear muffs for next time.

This morning was a little piece of sports heaven in the family. Both the Red Sox and the Penn State games were being played here and we enjoyed watching both teams play. Charlie was loving all the yelling that was going on at the TV screen and enthusiastically joined in the raucous.

Smiley Girl

New Hampshire's Black Bear to remind Jane of her history :P

Gotta take the cuddles when we can get them these days

Charlie's oh-so-thrilled with the demo

The downed pilot sends out a smoke signal...

Nemo snacks make everything better

Cory, Charlie's buddy, Carter, and Dan and Charlie watch the demo together

Jane kept her earplugs in and thoroughly enjoyed the show

Jane's entertaining the Korean ladies...what do you suppose they do with the pictures they take of Jane?

Give 'er the gun!

" I'm with the hot one in the green flightsuit"

Lauren, Stephanie, Jane and me hanging out after the show

Charlie is reading "Hello Nittany Lion" to Jane

Jane figures if Charlie can do it, so can she!

Snuggling up to the Nittany Lion!

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Lauren said...

She definitely looks like a happy camper these days. (However, I believe I see a slight sparkle in her eyes when she's on the gun....hmmm)