Sunday, 26 October 2008

26 Oct -- Charlie Tries Sushi

So they opened this new sushi bar in the commissary. The folks around here went absolutely wild when they finally opened. I only had tried my first sushi a month or so ago in Hawaii and was less than impressed by it, although I have to say it's starting to grow on me a little more now. Anyhow, Dan went to the store and brought home some sushi. Charlie was intrigued and this is his reaction to the first taste of sushi...
Hmmm, tricky..

He saw Dan using this sauce and figured Dan knew something that he didn't

Cap off...


What in blazes have you tricked me into, you evil, evil man?!


We bought these protective ear muffs for the kids (Pops/Mike will be so relieved that his grandchildren's ears are well-protected!) when we go out on the flight line (I only wish we'd had them for the air show!) Charlie was loving them and kept wanting to wear them during his movie. Oddly enough, the show he was watching was teaching baby sign language so it didn't affect his enjoyment.

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