Sunday, 4 December 2011

25 Nov -- Valkenburg Christmas Markt, Netherlands then Home!

This is where we stayed in Zandvoort, Netherlands (near the coastline) at a Center Parcs water park.  It worked out really well and was so nice to have the space.

We stopped in Valkenburg to see their cave Christmas market.  It was so neat to walk around inside the caves.  We didn't love the stands there, but the experience far outweighed the lack of shopping.
 Eating bratwurst, reibekuchen (potato pancakes) and fish before we head inside

 It was pretty warm inside the caves

 The kids liked the polar bears

 Charlie and Jane picked out something small before we left.

 Jane's Santa earmuffs and gash/bruise over her eyebrow are her souvenirs from our trip

 Charlie the red-nosed reindeer

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