Saturday, 3 December 2011

21 Nov -- Gouda and Zanvoort, Netherlands

On our way to Zandvoort, we stopped at  Dordrecht, Netherlands, where a guy is building a full scale reproduction of Noah's Ark.  Pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the fog was so thick it covered the far side of the ark.

 But the fog did make for some cool pics.

 We had to use a ferry to get across one of the canals.  The ferry truly appeared out of nowhere.  The ferry moved so smooth crossed the canal, that we didn't think that we were moving!  We thought a boat was going by us and then we realized we were approaching the other shoreline.  Crazy stuff.

 We then stopped in Gouda, Netherlands, where Anna used her knowledge from her Penn State days of working at a cheese shop, and she did some cheese shopping.

 The rest of us wondered around the center of the town.

 Jane kind of looks like the Fratellis' mom from "The Goonies" in the picture.  You can almost hear her snorting.

This is where we parked in Gouda.  Anna parallel parked it!  Gotta love it!

We had a 3 bedroom/2 bath apt.

After a family meeting, Henry votes we should extend our stay in the Netherlands.

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