Saturday, 14 May 2011

14 May -- Pyrmont Castle, Germany

Today we went to a castle about an hour from home.  They have weddings and other events there and there was a wedding this morning.  Charlie and Jane thought they were watching a real princess as the bride waited for the ceremony inside the castle.  I told them what the kids called her and she thought it was pretty cute. 

Henry warmed up his lips for all the pics.

 Loaded up and ready to roll.

 If only you knew how many times we've driven around a detour to get to a spot just like this.

But it never stops us from try, try, trying again.

Dan saw nothing...

Sunblock lineup

Lunch in the car while we wait for the castle to open.

Jane's excited

Charlie saw these and said, "Is this where they die?"  We explained it was more like "Time Out Chains"

Jane shows no remorse for her crimes.

Ringing the front door bell

The scary curving steps.

Jane jumped for joy when we reached the top.

15 pics and this was as good as it got.

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enck said...

ohhh so happy family