Sunday, 28 August 2011

28 Aug -- Manderscheid Medieval Festival, Germany

After Nurburg, we went to Manderscheid Castle for their medieval festival.  It was a great time and we ran into some friends there.  We went to the festival two years ago and are glad we went again.

 They had a station where you they had a small fire and they gave you bread dough on the end of a stick to cook.

It was pretty cool.

 There were minstrels EVERYWHERE!

 The cameras have turned!

 After reaching the top, Jane utters, "I have to go potty..."  This was Anna's response.

Charlie and I made it to the top.  There was a jousting tournament going on below.

 Charlie's buddy Dylan.


 When you are fresh out of horses, your dad will do.

Minstrels and their stalkers.  What does that make me?

 Lots and lots of cars.


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