Sunday, 8 May 2011

8 May -- Mothers Day at Place de Jeux, Luxembourg!

We spent Mother's Day in Luxembourg at the park.


 Henry loved the water!

 Henry brought his own chair.

 99.99999% of our day trips are run around, eat, run around, eat ice cream...repeat.

 Happy Mother's Day!

This is what we returned home to.  We noticed an awful smell in the car about halfway home and when I went to get Henry out of the car, we realized that he'd pooped...and it'd leaked...and then he found it...Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has ever experienced or will ever experience this joy (and believe you me, you will have this experience if you haven't yet!) Even on this special day, Henry reminded me of the true essence of being a Mom.


Anna said...

Happy Mother's Day, and can I just say on that last picture: IMPRESSIVE, and I'm so glad those days are behind me.....

Lauren said...

Oh man, I think if id found that in the back seat, I would've cut my losses and just started over...maybe some wild dogs could clean him up and raise him??

Happy mothers day Anna!

Amanda Evans said...

I can't believe that is POOP on his face!!! I had just finished looking at your post and just assumed it was baby food and almost didn't read the last part. OH MY GOODNESS! I sure hope Dan cleaned that one for you, with it being Mother's Day and all! :-)

Will and Meg said...

i love it anna, you guys are such a fun family!