Sunday, 8 May 2011

7 May -- Eifel Park

It was another beautiful day so we went to Eifel Park.

 Everybody got some good exercise.

 Charlie prepares himself for a future at Penn State.

 Jane works for her fries.

 Too cute!

 I swear this ride does a bit more than just this...we shall get a better picture next time.

 This one is worth a closer look to see Jane's face.  Enjoy...

Charlie and I reenact a scene from "Lord of the Flies."

They hit a glitch...much steeper than they originally had planned on.

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Karlotta said...

Great pictures. Great day. My kids (7 + 10) and I LOVE this park, too. We visit the park more than once a year.

For those who want to get more information:

CU :-)
Karla Peters