Friday, 25 March 2011

4 Mar -- The Hop Home

    It took us a day or so, but we managed to catch a military flight out of Ramstein into New York on Friday night.  It was a C-5 and it was loud.  Perfect setup for a family with young children!  The kids did great and slept most of the flight.  Dan's Dad surprised us and drove down to pick us up.  Such a nice sight to see him pull up behind the bus when we got to the building. 
    We had a great visit with family and friends and got our fill of Dunkin Donuts on the trip.  I'll break the pics up into a few posts so we don't create the longest post ever. 

    We start with the trip...

 Thursday afternoon and evening's flights fell through, we stayed at the temporary lodging on base and it was so nice.  It was great to get the kids into a bed for a good night's sleep before another long day of waiting.

Video games and Ipod usage was high this day.

The living room of the rooms we stayed in.

 Ramstein's USO had a great family room with nice cushy seats, toys and movies.  It rocked.  It even had a small quiet room with cribs for babies to nap in.  Unfortunately Henry was not impressed with the accomodations and refused to stay.

What?  I can't hear you?  Bummer... he he he.

Ready to roll 

Catching a few zzz's

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Amanda Evans said...

Cool! I look forward to hearing about the entire trip! SO, are you back in Germany (I assume because this was like 20 days ago...). Too bad I didn't know you were on the East coast, cause we could have met up! If you ever catch a flight to Charleston, let me know, because that is only 3 hours from here!