Saturday, 26 March 2011

5 Mar -- The Edgar Family

     The kids adjusted pretty well to the time change and we jumped right into visiting family with an awesome visit from the Edgars of Connecticut driving up to NH and bringing a lot of laughter and entertainment with them.  We ate at a restaurant that had a great lay out to let the kids run around in circles and served some yummy seafood while we visited. 

 Uncle Luke helps set up an elaborate car track

 Uncle Mike and Henry got in some good hangin' out time.

 Uncle Nate discovered Henry's love of hats.

 Uncle Adam and Henry

 Mike, Luke, Dan, Nate and Adam.  Let the famous "Edgar Laugh" begin...

 That's a lot of fried seafood.  Yum!

 We went for a walk on the beach and, much to our dismay, we learned it was unsupervised.

 Charlie and Julia loved dodging waves...

 Julia saved Jane from many of them...

 But, alas, not all of them...

 We celebrated some birthdays with cake and fantastic pizza.

 Mr. Safety starts early with the education.  Henry, being a hat fan, thinks this is a great idea.

The cousins being cooperative for the group photo.

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