Sunday, 27 February 2011

27 Feb -- Carnival Party in Dudeldorf

Dudeldorf had a nice kids party at the sports-hall in town.

Charlie doing his best Clint Eastwood stare while Jane's eyes show emptiness...nothing more and nothing less.

 Really?  Really?

 Orange juice offsets cake, right?

A man in drag nails Lady Gaga.

 Jane tries out for a remake of a Whitesnake video.

 Charlie chats it up with a classmate.

 Cowboys don't eat Shoko Kussens! (cream covered in chocolate)

 Any you lady's seen some water for my horse?

 I think I'll take a little nap here...

 Tschuss! waved Henry.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

1. Carter held the fire engine picture of charlie for a long time yesterday and said, "I miss my best friend"
2. Look at Jane's long beautiful hair! It always shocks me because I think about her baby hair. I love it!