Saturday, 27 November 2010

23 Nov -- Salzburg, Austria (City Day 3)

Another busy day in Salzburg.  We went to the Salzburg Museum, the Panorama Museum, saw an organist play at the Mozarteum, and then finally to the Science Museum.

 Snack time!

 The Panorama Museum was pretty cool.  You had a 360 degree view of all around Salzburg from a couple hundred years ago.

 Jane in motion.

 Lunch outside the Mozarteum before hearing the organist.

 Anna laying down the ground rules; Jane trying to negotiate.

Charlie and Jane did great during the performance.

We had a blast at the Science Museum.  Charlie was pretty scared of the T-Rex.  The T-Rex moved and about once every 30 seconds it would let out a loud primal scream.  Awesome...

Charlie spots a shark.

They had great water stations.

Anna shreeks at a marder, the weasel that ripped up some of the insulation under her car hood last year.

There was a sweet hydraulic lift that you could control...Charlie loved it.

Annd did not care for this station.

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