Friday, 26 November 2010

22 Nov -- Salzburg, Austria (City Day 2)

A nice day in Salzburg at the zoo and the Hohensalzburg Castle and we had a blast!

Anna considers the benefits of a goat for a pet.  Free milk!

Pretty cool diggers...

...and Charlie found a way to save a euro.

Anna chillin' with an alpaca.
This picture was just after Anna had made a comment about the camel on the left having floppy humps and Dan made a comment best left unposted
Anna found a way to turn a double stoller into a triple.

I swear, he was excited about the lion.

After we drove back into Salzburg, we had doner kebaps for lunch and then set off for Hohensalzburg Castle.

 You can see the tracks for the funicular that we rode up to get to the fortress.

On the funicular on the way up

 Yet another amazing view of Salzburg below.

 Charlie was playing "I Spy" with Anna.  He said, "I spy with my little eye something that begins with a 'C' "  Anna didn't get it and then he did an arm circle gesture and said "It's over here..."  He then yelled, "IT'S THE CASTLE!"  Best game of "I Spy" ever!  This picture was taken of Anna when Charlie yelled castle.

 We then carried the stroller up 100 steps to get into the castle.  Such a kid friendly place Europe is.

 There was a cool marionette museum.  The kids broke into the "High on the hill was a lonely goatherd" song.

 If only it were this easy!

 You should see the pictures we took leading up to this family photo. 

 Why?  Because we can.

 I followed suit.

 Henry and the others must have eaten their weight in pretzels by now.

 Kind of demented if you think about it.

 Balloon Santas being created by this clown.

"Seriously...I just want to go to bed."

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