Wednesday, 7 July 2010

7 Jul -- The Sprinkler

Have I mentioned that my son hates water?  He's like the Wicked Witch of the West.  I have tried many a thing to get him to like playing in the water, but he avoids it at all cost.  For 4 years bathtime has been torture for us.  I finally discovered swimming goggles a week or so ago and it makes washing hair at least tolerable.  But he loves turning the sprinkler on out back...and avoiding it.  Here's what he came up with in attempt to balance fun in the water and keeping his shirt dry...

That's a "thumbs up" sign he's giving me, to let me know his plan is working nicely:)

Jane, my fish, still opted for snacks over sprinkler time.
I even donned my bathing suit (thank goodness for a private tree lined yard) and ran through the sprinkler in the spirit of being a kid again.  It was just as much fun as I remembered, though slightly more cold.

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Will and Meg said...

haha charlie you are hilarious!