Friday, 23 July 2010

23 Jul -- What a Vacation!

We drove to Heidelberg on Wednesday to visit our friends, Kerah, Kate and Charlie.  What a great family!  It was such a pleasure to hang out with them and have them spoil us with great company, great food and great memories.  All of us were sad at how quickly our time passed. 

On Wednesday afternoon we walked over to a lake near their house and played on the playground and in the water.  Apparently I should have worn my bathing suit.  Jane was a fish and didn't want to get out.  Charlie decided to try out the raft and took an unintentional swim when it flipped suddenly.  It was so warm that my clothes dried quickly, though.  It did show me that I need to sign my kids up for some swim lessons.  I think it'll be less stressful for me when I know that they can at least tread water for a bit.

Thursday was cloudy and later, rainy.  We managed to get in a trip to the ice cream shop before the rain started to pour and it was yummy!  On the walk home we saw the beginnings of the town's junk day (where they put out large items for bulk trash pick up).  I found a red sled that needed a good wash down (Thanks Kerah!) and brought it home as our souvenier.  In the afternoon we played Trivial Pursuit and Scattergories.  Oh, how I love a good board game!

Today we played a second round of Trivial Pursuit and headed home after lunchtime.  We had such a fun time.  I hope to see the whole family again soon. 

Already I'm thinking, "Shoulda worn a bathing suit..."

It was hard to keep Jane this shallow in the water.  She kept wanting to go further out, as well as wanting to swipe everyone's floaty device

Henry's hangout

Could he look more relaxed?!

Charlie and Charlie near the grasses, looking for fish

Jane was on a mission

Mission accomplished

Kate obliging a request for a piggy back ride

Charlie treated my kids to train tracks that were more involved than just a single loop.

Kerah spoiled us all during our visit

Photo by Charlie

That's better!

Not sure what Jane and this bear were discussing, but it looks pretty intense

Photo by Charlie (Isn't he just so creative?!)

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