Saturday, 2 January 2010

2 Jan -- Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

We bundled up and headed out this morning to a castle about 45 minutes from our house, in Luxembourg. It sat at the top of a very steep hill, but since we were early and the weather was so cold (25 degrees) we got to park fairly close and that made Anna very happy.

Dad, it's freezing. Can we go inside now?

Jane making a break for the warm indoors

One must always squeeze in a game of hide and go seek, even in castles

Anna comparing kitchen appliances

Preparing to exit the warm building

Yup, it still looks cold outside
Checking out the dam in the valley


"Let's see if this door's open!"

Trying to make sure Jane doesn't crawl through the bars on the low lookout windows

Charlie took this one

Anna has decided that only her shadow may be photographed until after the baby arrives. Look how skinny she is!

Loading up the car to head home

We'll definitely come back to this one!

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Strommer Family said...

Apparently I'm out of the loop because I just read that statement about shadows being photographed until after the BABY arrives, and my mouth just dropped to the floor. How far along are you and what is it?? I'm so happy for you!! ;)