Wednesday, 13 January 2010

13 Jan -- Guessing Game Update

Here is an updated link to the baby guessing site:

The C-section is scheduled for February 16th (Definitely not January 16th!!!)!



Anna said...

Do you mean February 16th?!?!?!?

Will and Meg said...

what a perfect day to have a baby! feb 16 is will's bday. i looooove your belly pic. you are really making me want another one now. but maybe i should wait and hear what your life is like after baby e arrives! haha

Jessica said...

ANNA! Holy Cow! I am so blind! I climb on your blog every once in a while and to check out your fun adventures in Europe....but I totally missed that you were even pregnant!! Wow! Congrats to you guys!! :) I totally miss chatting with you! But, so glad that all is well!