Monday, 18 January 2010

18 Jan -- Weekend Activities

We're keeping things lowkey these days. It's been cold and wet and just a few moments where we've seen the sun. Charlie actually pointed out the sunshine the other day, which says a lot for what we've had weatherwise.

Pilot takes a break after a hard days play
Daddy dressed me...

Nothing more fun than a bucket on your head

The local kindergarten has a playground that Dan and the kids made it to during the break from the snow and rain.

Jane loves her swings

Charlie liked helping push Jane

Dan took Charlie to a Bitburg Bears hockey game

Keeping warm with some hot cocoa


Will and Meg said...

i like charlies painted toes.

Amanda Evans said...

Are Charlie's toes painted red???!!!!!!

Emily said...

oh my gosh - those are the same comments I was wondering!! But I thought they looked painted black.