Monday, 28 September 2009

27 Sep -- Schonecken Castle, Germany

On Sunday, we went to the Schonecken Castle ruins. There was just a few walls left and best of all, there was an amazing view of the town below.

Charlie jumping for joy.

Jane is blown away by Charlie's kind heart.

This time I am not kidding: Charlie really took this picture and had a blast. Of course the camera is as big as Charlie's head.

This is still Charlie taking pictures.

Now it is my turn.

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Unknown said...

Hi there. This may be a long shot since this post is a couple years old, but since I see you have recent blog posts, I'm hoping you may see this question. I'm trying to find out exactly where Schonecken Castle is located. I'm traveling to Germany this summer and my family history book says my ancestors once lived in this castle. But I can't see to find out on the web if the castle is actually in Schonecken or Prum or another city. Hoping you can help me out since your family went there. If so, would you please shoot me an email at Thank you! Jolyn