Saturday, 19 September 2009

19 Sep -- Grape Picking along the Mosel

Today we went to a winery along the Mosel River for some grape picking. After picking, we enjoyed some wine and brats and then watched as they processed the grapes we picked...minus the ones Charlie ate, of course.

Yes, there was a safety class for the kids on how to use the scissors.

Spot check.

The grape passed Charlie's high standards.


Lauren said...

Stop posting wonderful things about Germany before I decide to come there. Start posting about how crummy the weather is and you know...stuff to stop making me want to follow you!!!
Geesh! It loos like y'all are having the greatest time!

Helen said...

I'm drinking vicariously through you.

Amanda Evans said...

Dan and Anna Jane,

I think your family has won the world-wide official "I've made the most of my time in Germany" by your 30th day in country! Seriously, you've done more than most people do their entire tour. Good on ya! And, I am totally green with envy! Brian is in Germany right now and I really wish I was there, too!

Keep up the traveling and remember to scrapbook those pictures! Your kids are going to really appreciate all the places you took them while growing up!

Love, Amanda

Lil Lancaster Fam said...

Love the pictures! How Fun!!