Saturday, 25 April 2009

25 Apr -- DMZ Tour

We finally made it to the DMZ (ah hem, 2 years after arriving). Our original intent was to go when we first arrived to really impress upon us our reason for being here. Obviously that did not happen, but we were happy to get to it before we leave here this summer. We dropped the kids off with our friends bright and early and spent the entire day seeing some pretty cool sights.

When we got to the actual DMZ they gave us the speech of "Don't point/wave/stick out tongues at the North Koreans on the other side." I felt like I was at an auction and afraid I was going to inadvertently buy something I didn't want. Needless to say, I kept my hands at my sides and refused to scratch my itchy nose until we were well out of sight of the North Koreans.

Dan in front of the Peace Bell...they're just itchin' to ring that baby!

Right after we took this pic, Dan saw a sign that said, "No pictures and don't stand close"...whoops

The Freedom Bridge

Us smiling happily with North Korea in the background

"One Korea! Make it happen!"

At the Dorasan Train Station, you better read the signs carefully and get on the correct train.

Dan's in South Korea and Anna's in North Korea

Tunnel time.

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