Saturday, 11 April 2009

11 Apr -- Past Week Adventures

This past week we've hit the hot spots in Korea...Everland, the Suwon Fortress and (of course) the playground. Here are some fantastic pictures of our week...

Korean traffic stinks and it's hot...thank goodness for Camelback

Charlie and his buddy JD take a break with some lollypops

Suwon Fortress

Charlie gets his bearings...

Springtime in Korea is so nice!

Spotting Charlie on the climb down...

The "fast slide"

Jane likes to try to climb her way up the slides

Charlie lovin' the Everland rides
He loved sticking his hands in the way of the jets

Dan has great plans for his next hearing test...
The better to hear you with, my dear...

Charlie playing with his train set

Watching the garbage truck do its thing

The cabinet never gets old for them

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